D4 - EAMES - Superior
Sunlight revives us. Candlelight stimulates romance. Neon light refers to exuberance. It is quite clear that light, in all its aspects, influences our well-being and affects our moods. Bearing this in mind, this room has been fitted with light sensors which you can operate as required. Within the extensive spectrum, you will certainly find an appropriate wavelength to get the most out of a refreshing stay. In addition to the therapeutic effect, a perfect supplement to a jacuzzi and massage shower, the pastel colours provide the perfect atmosphere without being overbearing. The timeless creations of Ray and Eames Charles suggest this same naturalness and make your stay an aesthetic experience to be cherished. You can lie on the ultra spacious couch and, if necessary, check your e-mails via the same screen which takes you into the dreamworld of a late night romantic film.